Best-Sellers From French Authors

You have always wanted to read best-sellers from French authors but never did know what to buy? We understand that feeling of apprehension.

We have made a list of bestsellers from beloved French authors for you!


1. ‘Maman A Tort’ By Michel Bussi

A suspenseful story based on the ephemeral memory of a young child. Michel Bussi is the most famous crime writer in France.


2. ‘Une Putain D’histoire’ By Bernard Minier

A thriller that is set on Glass Island, a place that can only be accessed by a ferry and is foggy all through the year except for five days.


3. ‘The Lightkeeper’s Wife’ By Karen Vigger

This is a story of love and loss in the mysterious setting of Tasmanian wilds where a dying woman Mary returns to the island where her husband was lighthouse keeper, with a great secret.

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