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Discover the World By Reading Books!

In this website, we will give you a tips and choices on what books you may have to read!

About Lire

I was born in Lorraine, in France. Both my parents were professors. My father taught French and my mother was an English professor. The love for reading was inculcated in me right from an early age. My parents took me on holidays to England so I could learn to speak fluently in English! I was already fluent in French, my mother tongue, and also Italian, a language I picked up from my piano teacher.

About Recreer

I was born in Paris and raised there too. My parents were teachers; My father taught Math and my mother headed the English department of the local school. My parents insisted on two things – speak only French at home; speak only in English when away from home. They instilled the habit of reading in me when I was very young. I devoloped a passion for reading. Reading inspired me. It liberated me.

New Series On The Screens

Model Time

Model Time – a place where models are the mastermind of the whole video. Starting with the set, storyline and execution of the video episode all girls here are quite the professionals. Watch them having a total freedom in creating quality video adult entertainment. It’s in all sorts of genres so you are surely going to be satisfied. Oh, and it’s part of Adult Time network with all the goodies (you know, it’s called Netflix of XXX for a reason). If you are considering joining the community you should take a look at modeltime.org first, the place where all videos are available for preview.

Latest Series We Monitor

That Sitcom Show

That Sitcom Show – this is a great thing for all lovers of TV. Reading books doesn’t mean we don’t like quality shows and when someone mentions old-school sitcoms our hearts are crying with nostalgia. Guess what, we have found that something interesting is being released on the Web – That Sitcom Show – with its generic title could be anything, yet… it’s an adult-rated parody of the most iconic TV shows from the past. Are you ready for the wild adventure?

2021 Brand New Addition

Mommy's Boy SeriesMommy’s Boy – if you are familiar with world’s well-known series called Mommy’s Girl then this spin off series featuring guys won’t be a surprise. It’s true that we had to wait a few years but it was definitely worth it. This time around, moms are taking care of boys’ needs and they do it perfectly. Their sexual knowledge comes with age and now they want to turn these boys into real men. Who could be a better teacher of pleasure for them? Follow the adventures on mommysboy.net – the official website for the project.

2022 Double Penetrations


DP Fanatics – project that’s been well-known among lovers of double penetrations genre. It features the most beautiful and freshest European teen faces in this graphic threesome actions. Watch them discover their inner cravings for double the fun. We have prepared extended videos tube for you to browse all the latest episodes. Head to dpfanatics.tube and see yourself why double the trouble is sometimes a good thing.

2022 Twink Switching Roles

Twink Top

Twink Top – something very alluring about twinks switching their usual bottom lifestyle only to become dominant tops. Watch them engage in frisky situations with usual alpha males who suddenly become their toy-boys. This is what happens in every single episode of Twink Top – the place where switching roles is a must! Are you ready? Follow twinktop.org and enjoy!

Video Streaming Runners Up in 2022/2023

See what kind of hot stuff launches this year.

Family Sinners

Family Sinners – all day all kink. See why step family relations can be a perfect source for some of the most alluring adult’s entertainment out there. Taboo situations leading to close relations between step family members!

DFXtra - Dogfart

DFXtra – continue the journey of Dogfart in its new home. With brand new up-to-date technology and continued updates you are in for a treat when it comes to the filthiest interracial content on the web!

Therapy Dick

Therapy Dick – something for lovers of unusual therapies and revolutionary methods of keeping mental health in tact. Or more like inner cravings. Or both. This Say Uncle Network exclusive focuses on gay therapy fantasies making it to reality!

Nubile Films

Nubile Films – when the sensuality and passionate love-making is the priority you won’t find better place than Nubile and its Films section. Over 10 years of making the most alluring and engaging erotica. Where passion meets essence of copulation.

Girlfriends Films

Girlfriends Films – enjoy the world of girl on girl love. All kind of scenarios from the most intimate one to taboo, socially unacceptable ones – 20 years of the making lesbian content has all your needs covered!

Touch My Wife

Touch My Wife – the finest cuckolding content on the Web. Watch needy wives having consent to cheat and use random guys for their very own pleasure. All while their caring hubbies join them on the adventure, as spectators!

Must Read Before Starting A Business

Becoming an entrepreneur needs a lot of business acumen.

‘The Effective Executive’ By Peter Drucker

The book studied the decision-making and time-management habits that are essential for any executive to be a valuable and productive employee of a company or an organization.

‘Business Adventures’ By John Brooks

This book is a study of leaders, their strengths and weaknesses when they confront challenges and also about the particulars of different businesses.

‘The Founder’s Dilemmas’ By Noam Wasserman

Based on the author’s research at Princeton University of studying and collecting information about founders of several industries.

‘Benjamin Franklin’ By Walter Isaacson

The multi-millionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk confessed that this was his favorite book of all-time.

Best French Authors

France has given the world some of its best writers.

Albert Camus, 1913-1960

Winner of Nobel Prize for Literature and the second youngest in history to do so, Camus is known for his novel, The Stranger.

Gustave Flaubert, 1821-1880

The author is known for his most well-known work, Madame Bovary, which was also his first published novel.

Victor Hugo, 1802-1885

He was a humanitarian who employed his literary skill to describe the injustices of society. His most popular works – Les Miserables, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Alexandre Dumas, 1802-1870

He is the most widely-read French author. He wrote novels that were based on history and his works chronicled the adventures of his characters.

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