Books For Those Seeking Financial Freedom

Live your life to the fullest. You can find that as a tagline in a motivational poster, and it is surely some good advice. But accept it or not, to fulfill your unfulfilled desires, you do need money.

It surely feels problematic if all your earnings go in daily necessities and bank savings. This limits your financial freedom.

Then all you need is good financial advice for being free to do whatever you want to do with your money. Here are a few books that can help guide you on the path of seeking true financial freedom. It’s time to add some new entries on your reading list. Here they are:

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

It was a joint project by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter back from 1997. A couple of decades later, the book is still a widely read bestseller.

The book gives some great tips for building up your financial capital and get richer. It shows that rags to riches stories can be true.

A different concept that this book tapped into was the concept of finance IQ or financial intelligence.

It relates to smart investment strategies to increase your profits.

Women & Money: Owning The Power To Control Your Destiny

Stereotypes have been that women cannot control money and they would just max out their credit cards for shopping. This book by Suze Orman breaks these notions.

It provides smart techniques through which women can have complete financial freedom.

This is one of the few books in this genre which focuses entirely on a view of the business. It is educating and inspiring at the same time.

Get A Financial Life

In this list, this is probably the only book with the most straightforward title. Here is another financial by a female author. Without any metaphorical or examples, it just jumps straight to the point of maintaining a balance of accounts for necessities and luxuries.

The book is chiefly oriented towards working people in their 20s or 30s. Apart from increasing income levels, the author, Beth Kobliner, also talks about how to avoid falling in debt and face fluctuating prices in a changing financial market.

The Investment Answer, Learn To Manage Your Money & Protect Your Financial Future

As the title suggests, this is like the Bible for individual investors.

Daniel C Goldie and Gordon S Murray tell you the perfect way of meeting finances by acquiring profits investments.

It gives you some basics regarding stocks and bonds too.

Think And Grow Rich

Finally, in the end, here is a classic treatise on managing your financial freedom. Written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill, the book continues to be relevant in today’s capitalist economy too.

It on philosophy, a thought process that can motivate to work hard in your field of work and skim off profits off your job. This classic continues to inspire generations and adds some optimism to our financial dreams.

These books add to the financial knowledge of regular individuals.

It finds relevance to salaried as well as businessmen who may or may not have abundance of money.