The Top Books To Expect In 2019

French literature has always been among the best in the world and 2019 is not going to be the exception by any means.

The growing French scene offers something for every taste like novels, short stories, poetry and much more.

Read on to find out which are the books you cannot miss this year.

All Girl Massage – Adult Time

Lesbian Girls in Massage RoomsDespite being an established brand All Girl Massage continues strong in 2019. With its constant updates and new faces in episodes this is truly the vest best you can get while looking for lesbian girls in massage rooms. It might sound kinky and it actually is, but the erotica level in these productions is simply amazing. The chemistry that two girls can achieve is a spectacle to watch! Highly recommended.

Michel Houellebecq

Michel Houellebecq – Serotonin

L´enfant terrible of French literature put out his last manifesto on January 4 2019 and shook the world one more time with it.

e was given the Légion d´honneur by president Emmanuel Macron showing him how France appreciates his work to spread French literature.

Although the 62-year-old author got France´s biggest award, his anti-heroes still tell the story in his books.

He takes on Monsanto, love and memories as the cards to play the game and the result is another masterpiece for the reading world.

A recommended read for 2019 and in case you haven´t read Submission (2015) and The Map and the Territory (2012) it is a great moment to catch up.

Limonov – Emmanuel Carrère

Limonov is not a fictional character” says author Emmanuel Carrère (61) and it might be true that his carefully-created anti-hero who went from punk star of the underground Soviet scene to millionaire in NYC to a writer in Paris and now the leader of a pack of desperate youngsters is a real person.

The adventure novel won´t give you a break and you will learn to love the small nuances that the life of Limonov leave behind as a lesson to be learnt.

The frantic pace added to the impeccable writing make Limonov a definite must.

Il Y A Des Monstres Qui Sont Très Bons

Il Y A Des Monstres Qui Sont Très Bons – Thomas Vinau

This is the poetry book in the list and Thomas Vinau (40) is one of French poetry´s biggest promises for years to come.

In his short life he has already given birth to more than fifteen poetry books and a handful of other books too. He´s won ten literary awards and is definitely on the way to earning more.

His poetry takes from the legacy of the old masters and gives it a modern twist to fit into everyday life.

If you like reading poetry and you want to be up to date with what happens now, reading Vinau is a definite must.

Abêtcédaire – Sylvie Nève

Abêtcédaire – Sylvie Nève

Psychoanalysis and poetry have been together in history for countless years and every time a new pack of poets comes out to the light, we can surely spot one or two psychoanalysts among them.

Her 22nd book is a good show of her strength not only as a poet but also as a woman.

She is inspiring for younger and older generations as well. Everything that Sylvie Nève (61) publishes is worthy to be read and this poem book is not an exception.


Reading contemporary literature keeps us alive and is an exercise we should all be able to do. Follow these four tips and enjoy great literature the entire year.