Books That Explain About Menopause For Women In Their 50s

Books That Explain About Menopause For Women In Their 50s

Every woman goes through the biological process of Menopause. This signals the end of a woman’s reproductive years and is officially declared so when 12 months have elapsed since the end of your last menstrual cycle. It could happen anytime between 40-50 years of age on an average.

There are several phases in your menopausal journey but wherever you are, the books featured below give you all the information you need to keep healthy and accept the next phase of life with a smile.

These books explain the emotional and medical issues that occur during menopause in an unbiased and thorough manner.

1. Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause (Boston Woman’s Health Collective)

This was probably the first book that had a frank discussion of a woman’s body. This landmark book was published in 1971 and it helped in fuelling the liberation movement of women in that period of time. Boston Women’s Health Collective, the publishers, came out with another edition lately. It not only covers the basic information about menopause but discusses non-medical topics such as emotional issues, family life, and sexuality through relatable personal stories.

2. ‘The Wisdom Of Menopause’ By Dr. Christiane Northup

Rather than talking of menopause as a condition that needs a fix, Dr. Christiane Northup treats it as a time for growth. Instead of describing the discomforts of menopause, in “The Wisdom of Menopause“, she provides a guide that helps you go through menopause with grace. There are discussions on sex after 50 and tips on changing to a healthier diet.

3. Mayoclinic The Menopause Solution By Dr. Stephanie S. Faubion

This book gives a detailed explanation of what happens to your body during menopause. Dr. Stephanie S. Faubion is a women’s health expert and she explains the treatment options for symptoms of menopause and also suggests lifestyle changes that will help you be healthy. The book has useful information on hormone therapy, supplements, and medications that are available over-the-counter.

4. ‘The Everything Health Guide To Menopause’ By Kate Bracy Kalb And Kathryn Arendt,MD.

This book is a very useful resource for women approaching the menopausal phase of their life. There is information on peri- menopause that is extensive and is sure to answer any questions you may have about the emotional and physical changes that you undergo during this time. The author is a women’s health care practitioner. There is also technical review by Kathryn Arendt, a gynecologist.

5. Dr. Susan Love’s Menopause & Hormone Book

Dr. Love is highly respected in the realm of speciality in women’s health in the country. In this book, she not only talks about the basics of menopause but also discusses pertinent issues such as understanding research in terms of how it contributes to prevention and risk of disease, and on the medicalization of menopause. Dr. Susan Love’s Menopause & Hormone Book can be considered a trusted resource for unbiased and evidence-based information.

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